Disavow File Testing Tool

Test your disavow file and see which patterns can be improved with the Disavow File Testing Tool, made by senior ex-Google engineer and ex-Google Search Quality team member Fili Wiese.

The Disavow File Testing Tool will analyze the patterns in your disavow file, find common mistakes and correct them where possible. You can upload the exported CSV file from Google Search Console and/or a plain text TXT file.

Upload Your Disavow File

Enter the email address where you want the results to be sent.


Select the disavow file on your computer.


Click upload to start the analysis.

Be aware, the Disavow File Testing Tool is still a work in progress, and bugs can happen. Contact me with bugs or any questions you may have.

Have former Google Search Quality audit your backlink profile and assist in solving any backlink risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Disavow File Testing Tool analyze my backlinks?

No, the function of the Disavow File Testing Tool is to test and validate your disavow file and the patterns in it before uploading it to Google Search Console.

If you need help auditing your backlink profile, why not hire ex-Google Search Quality team members who used to penalize websites for blackhat link building techniques and were also part of the Google reconsideration team?

Why do I need to enter my email address?

Unlike other tools online, the Disavow File Testing Tool may take a few minutes to process and test your disavow file. When finished the tool will email you a link to the report. Your email address is not used for further mailings, just for this one email that tells you where to find the report.

How fast is the analysis?

It depends on the queue and your disavow file. Most analysis are done in a matter of minutes. However, if you haven't received the report email within a day (be sure to check your spam folder as well), contact me.

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